A new energy: the next generation!

Francine Guay and Claude Houle, owners and founders of MI Integration execute the transition of power towards two of their three children. For the past 3 years, the family worked on the transition process and, in December 2016, Francine Guay officially passed on the torch of the Presidency to her son, Vincent Houle. As for Marie-Claude Houle, she is taking on the role of Vice-president of the Board of Directors, which involves the whole aspect of “organizational culture” and of the organization’s outreach. Francine Guay takes on an advisory role while remaining President of the Board of Directors.

The company has undergone a major transformation with a sustained development over the last few years and the arrival of the next generation will most certainly maintain the momentum. Vincent, previously VP strategy and business development, has occupied several roles in the company which allowed him to have a comprehensive vision. With a solid background in automotive sealing components, he has the reputation of having good flair for business and an exceptional intuition.

Supported by Marie-Claude and with the expertise and dynamism of the team, the vision, growth and sustainability of the organization is in good hands.