Already 25 Years!

MI Integration was very proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary last September 12, and to remember the road travelled since 1989.

For the occasion, the company’s founders, Francine Guay and Claude Houle invited not only the employees, but also their families and friends. They all celebrated proudly with a méchoui dinner and an evening of dance. Furthermore, it was the occasion to recall the stages of the company’s growth and the great moments which are the milestones of its history.

From a small 600 square-foot plant in 1989, with three employees, the company, which currently employs around 230 people, became one of the North American leaders in molds and thermoplastic injection. Its products are found in the models of all automobile manufacturers, such as BMW, Honda, Toyota, Ford and GM, among others, except for Korean cars.

And you know what? The adventure is far from over, since a vast number of development and improvement projects are anticipated in order to continue their growth.

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