MI Integration, 2016 favorite SME (PME) of ADRIQ-RCTi

A second year winning a prestigious ADRIQ award! This time, MI Integration is the 2016 favorite in the Innovative SME category! Indeed, the company has managed to stand out once again by its innovative involvement and has seduced the jury of the Association for the Development of Research and Innovation of Quebec (ADRIQ). This 26th edition took place under the theme “The Succession”.

This year, MI Integration employees had the chance to experience a gala with the two VP’s Marie-Claude Houle and Vincent Houle, who are the successors of this family business. The two winners, Marc-Antoine Chartier, CNC machinist and Sandrine Ayotte, Human Resources Consultant, enjoyed this evening high in color.

“We are lucky to work for an employer who is not afraid to innovate in its client’s approaches and strategies, and in its management practices,” says Marc-Antoine. We must constantly seek to improve on a technical and technological level.  Everyone’s ideas are necessary for the growth of the organization. “

“This inspiring and motivating experience reinforces the pride of working for MI Integration,” adds Sandrine.

MI Integration takes advantage of this nomination to highlight the constant team’s efforts and the indisputable contribution to success. The company also wishes to thank these associations which give Québec companies the chance to stand out in their field of expertise.

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