MI Integration Invests in Automotive Polymer Glazing Development

The MI Integration Group is proud to announce its involvement in 2020 with the Automotive and Surface Transportation Research Center in the development of lightweight and low-cost polymer glazing for the transportation market. The Sherbrooke company will mainly provide financial investment, but also plans to produce plastic glazing prototypes in its injection plants.

Led by the National Research Council Canada (NRC), the project brings together a team of experts comprised of Canadian industry partners and leading scientists. The main objective is to increase the plastic qualities’ durability as well as develop an innovative and low-cost manufacturing process.

Polymer Benefits

Plastic glass is currently used in clear sunroof, backlit display and fixed window applications. It offers numerous advantages for users and manufacturers alike.

Replacing glass with plastic allows manufacturers to reduce vehicle assembly time, introduce design improvements quickly and reduce costs. For their part, consumers can benefit from almost unbreakable windows and sunroofs that filter UV rays. Also, using plastic reduces a vehicle’s weight, thus lowering fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Combining Innovations

MI Integration currently stands out from its competitors by not only providing its customers with quality molds, but also by offering them the ability to incorporate a unique encapsulation technology. Developed by MI Lab, this breakthrough technology prevents glass breakage by automatically adjusting the part in the mold during the injection process. Using polymer glazing is an additional option for clients, which would significantly increase its lead in the market.

“Participating in this project allows MI Integration to position its injection plants as experts in polymer glazing manufacturing. It would also allow us to break into and become a leader in new markets.” Nicolas Nadeau, VP Engineering – MI Lab.

About NRC

The National Research Council Canada is the largest federal research organization in Canada. It supports the Canadian industry including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and provides a vital role in strengthening the Canadian science and research sector and in fostering innovation. For more information, visit nrc.canada.ca/en.

About MI Integration

Mold expert and specializing in injection molding, the MI Integration Group is a global Tier 1.5 partner in the automotive sector. It is well recognized for its 30 years of expertise in automotive sealing solutions and as an outstanding provider of tailored solutions and efficient production strategies.

Based in Sherbrooke, the company currently operates four manufacturing sites in two countries, with a staff of over 340 employees. For more information, visit MI Integration’s corporate website: https://mi-integration.com/en/.



Nicolas Nadeau

VP Engineering – MI Lab

MI Integration