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Mi Lab



    An engineering team dedicated to providing solutions tailored to different customer needs. Always focused on product performance and value chain optimization.

  • Our Philosophy

    The “design thinking” mentality guides product development. Empathy-driven, we bring performance, improvement and innovation to product development.

Our Technologies on the Market

  • iM BELT

    Our automated tape application on three-dimensional and irregularly shaped parts offers flexibility in window washer design and opens up a world of opportunities.

  • iM BULB

    We combine double material and gas-assisted injection molding processes to increase design flexibility and improve sealing performance. Prevents the lip from turning over.


    Ideal for laminated glass, our technology prevents glass breakage during mold closing.

Our projects in development


    Solution for reducing total vehicle weight, ideal for structural parts.

  • Micro Cellular Foaming

    Producing injection-molded parts with a foam structure.

    • Supercritical fluid incorporated into the polymer melt during plasticization
    • Reduces deformation and indentation marks
    • Improved shape accuracy
    • Suitable for high and low volumes
    • Meeting strict tolerances for many required lengths, shapes, and structures
    • For PP, PA6/66 with fillers such as talcum powder or glass fibers
    • Ideal for this type of parts: Interior, structure, logistics, connector, housing
  • Heat & Cold

    This process produces a high-quality, aesthetic Class A surface. Ideal for polished parts.



  • Our Innovation Partners

    Synergistic Processes

    We collaborate with the numerous players of the value chain. We pool our expertise to achieve our common goal: a high-performance part and lower total chain cost. Since we understand that everyone has different strengths, our mission is to be the catalyst of the value chain.

  • Become a Partner

    Become a strategic partner to explore collaboration opportunities that will consolidate our respective expertise, create profitable synergies, and increase our competitiveness in the marketplace. We firmly believe that, by joining forces with other market players, we can create significant added value.

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Some of Our Partners

  • 3M
  • CFM
  • cNRC
  • Tapla
  • Wittmann

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