MI Protection acquires the Dorma99 reusable respirator

The top-performing N95 mask

Sherbrooke, Quebec, June 21, 2021 

MI Protection, a division of MI Integration, announces that it has acquired all rights to the reusable Dorma99 respirator mask, initially designed and produced by Dr. Caissie’s team. This N95 mask is the top-performing, most ecological product of its kind on the market and is 100% made in Quebec, Canada. To date, nearly 120,000 Dorma99 units have been marketed to help end disposable mask use and offer users a comfortable, quality experience with a recyclable mask that meets the needs of healthcare facilities, businesses and organizations seeking maximum protection for their personnel.

“Our MI Protection division aims to increase our collective autonomy regarding health care by developing First-class expertise in Canada, in the design and manufacture of specialized protective equipment for public health authorities, hospitals, CHSLDs, nursing homes and any organization that needs to protect their employees’ sanitary environment in the course of their operations,” says Vincent Houle, President of MI Protection. “The Dorma99 respirator is an excellent product, and we’ll continue improving its features and usage practices for the benefit of users and in a circular economy perspective.”

The Dorma99 respirator not only delivers optimal protection through its airtightness and high-performance filter that blocks 99% of particles, but it also stands out by ensuring:

  • Easy breathing: Its filtering surface is three times larger than that of the standard N95 mask.
  • Vocal clarity: Clearer communication is possible thanks to the shape of its shell, which enhances the voice, and its translucent surface through which facial expressions are partially visible.
  • Better ergonomics: The mask was designed by a maxillofacial specialist, using biocompatible thermoplastic, which is more comfortable to wear against the face. It also has adjustable straps that prevent fogging of glasses and visors.
  • Easy to reuse multiple times: The mask can be disinfected a minimum of 50 times and is equipped with a QR code tracking system.
  • Ecologically responsible: This fully recyclable mask is a sustainable alternative to disposable masks by significantly reducing waste.

Watch the Dorma99 respirator video (only in french)

The Dorma99’s characteristics make it a first-choice tool for demanding and high-risk workplaces, such as healthcare, industrial and construction environments. For instance, the respirator cuts down on absences due to illness and work-related fatigue, facilitates exchanges with patients, citizens and colleagues, increases workers’ comfort and performance, allows for prolonged use, reduces waste and encourages the circular economy.

With the help of its scientific partners and health professionals, MI Protection’s multidisciplinary team will continue developing and marketing of the Dorma99 respirator and expand its range of protection products over the next few years by joining forces with financial partners to support its growth.

About MI Protection

The mission of MI Protection, a division of MI Integration, is to develop and manufacture durable, high-performance products to safeguard the health and improve the safety of people in all environments where health risks exist, including healthcare, construction, and municipal services.

About MI Integration

For over 30 years, MI Integration has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of moulds and injection moulds, mainly for automotive sealing systems and protective equipment for the defence industry. Its R&D department was established more than ten years ago to increase its engineering expertise to develop better performing, more durable products that optimize the value chain.

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