MI RobotiX: A New Division to Drive our Innovations

Working in collaboration with MI Lab, which develops technological concepts, MI RobotiX transforms those ideas into tangible projects. We started to introduce our innovations in our production centres to gain effectiveness, but especially, to prove the importance of optimizing work cells and build client awareness about the numerous advantages.

Robotics automation lies within the MI Integration group’s growth strategy and this new division serves as a stepping stone toward larger-scale influence. By implementing industrial engineering and our innovative technologies in our plants, as well as by collaborating with trusted partners, we are able to both measure and provide convincing results to our clients.

MI RobotiX supports the implementation of new robotics tooling and machinery. We are very proactive in detecting problems or new issues which may arise from task automation. Since we wish to be a step ahead on the industry 4.0 trend, we use our expertise both as a mold manufacturer and injection molding specialist to better understand the environment and the associated challenges.