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    At Mi, we’re committed to building a team of passionate, talented individuals who are determined to achieve excellence in everything they do. We believe that success depends on a diversity of skills, perspectives and experiences. Contribute to the expansion of a family business recognized for its know-how, proactivity and commitment to finding the right solutions.

Mi TeamMi Team

Why Mi? 7 reasons to join the team

  1. Focused on people and autonomy
  2. Determined and solution-oriented
  3. Flexibility. Work-life balance
  4. A structure that breaks away from traditional hierarchies to foster genuine cooperation
  5. Make way for innovation and creativity. Access to cutting-edge technologies
  6. Competitive advantages
  7. Collaboration; our new offices encourage planned or spontaneous meetings between our people at all levels

Meet the Mi Team

Alejandro Cadena

Alejandro Cadena - Process Engineer

My professional path is a truly enriching journey! Starting in Mexico as an intern, I now work in Quebec in a dynamic team. I combine my skills acquired to ensure manufacturing efficiency and compliance with the highest quality standards. At Mi, I feel that there will always be an opportunity to evolve and surpass myself.

Jean Therrien

Jean Therrien - Mi LAB Technical Expert

I have held several positions at Mi since I started in 1995. I feel that I have contributed to the evolution of the company, and this is part of a great professional pride that I have! Surrounded by a professional team generous with their knowledge, I have collaborated on multiple improvement and innovation projects that keep me engaged every day.

Emmy Allard

Emmy Allard - HR Intern

As soon as I arrived at Mi, I was welcomed by an ambitious and motivated team! This framework allowed me to be autonomous in various projects. During this internship, I was able to put my knowledge into practice while developing my skills related to human resources management in an enriching professional environment.

Our Social Commitment

  • Probex

    Mi participates in the citizen participation program, whose mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life for people living with limitations or disabilities, regardless of their background and abilities. The inclusive and adapted educational approach offers a workplace experience that ensures the development of fragile, neglected, or marginalized human potential.

    Visit the website
  • Triolet Foundation

    Committed to the foundation, which aims to: provide access to vocations and sports activities for all; develop the leadership and skills of student athletes and coaches; foster academic success, motivation, a sense of belonging and self-improvement.

    Visit the website
  • Boulobus

    We encourage sustainable transportation by offering substantial discounts to employees.

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  • Orphanage SLP

    Financial support to help meet basic needs for orphaned children.

Opportunities for Growth and Development

We invest in your potential by offering ongoing training programs, mentoring opportunities and career paths tailored to your interests and skills.

1. Innovation and creativity

We encourage innovation and creativity, because we believe that every idea counts. Your expertise will help shape our company and create a significant impact.

2. Exceptional working environment

We foster an inclusive, collaborative and respectful environment where everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, collaborate and grow as a team.

3. Competitive advantages

We offer competitive benefits, including a competitive salary, welfare benefits, a pension plan and other wellness-oriented benefits.

Some advantages of joining the team:

  • Employer-sponsored pension plan (RRSP)
  • Reimbursement of physical activity expenses
  • Group insurance including a dental plan
  • Flexible working hours and work/life balance
  • A corporate culture committed to employee development
  • Working with a team of enthusiasts
  • Participate in the growth of a company that has been one of Canada’s best-managed companies for over 7 years.
Your Career

Your Career

  • Human Development

    FOCUSED ON OUR INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE DEVELOPMENT, we believe in human potential. Whether you want to become a manager, pursue a career in project management or become a specialist, we have your back. We offer training and certification tailored to your interests and skills. You’ll benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the multidisciplinary team to help you achieve your goals, which will be tracked in an individual development plan.

  • Unsolicited Application

    We’re looking for talented, passionate professionals who share our vision and commitment to excellence. If you’re ready to take on new challenges and be part of an exceptional team, we invite you to apply now. Are you curious, ambitious and someone who enjoys winning as part of a team? Apply now to join a company that wants to see you grow!


Positions to be Filled at Mi

  • Marketing / BI

    Always on the lookout for trends in the automotive market, the team makes sure to meet customers’ real and latent needs. In-depth analysis of market data guides the prioritization of MI Lab projects.

  • Customer Relations & Project Management

    Developing long-term relationships based on trust, the team is dedicated to making every project a collaborative success.

  • HR

    Committed to maximizing each individual’s potential and creating an environment conducive to individual and collective development.

  • Technical Experts

    Bringing together product and process specialists, our design office’s mission is to analyze opportunities in order to bring out any added value.

  • Purchasing and Logistics

    Implement best business practices in supply chain management and procurement, optimizing our purchasing power.

  • Design, Engineering

    Designs and draws various molds specifically adapted to customer needs, and suggests ways of optimizing them.

  • Production

    Ensures that products meet established quality criteria and are ready for delivery to customers according to their specifications.

  • Mi Lab

    Informed by the Market-Inn, the team guides the development of innovations by considering the synergy of all potential partners.

  • Direction

    Driven by common vision, the directors of the various departments ensure cohesion and effective collaboration.

  • QMS — Quality Management System

    Develops processes and guarantees product quality to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Financial Performance

    Evaluates budgetary and financial processes, with the aim of making diagnoses and proposals for doing “more” with “less”. Supports operations to achieve growth strategy.

  • Information Technology

    Manages real-time data to measure the group’s organizational performance. Aims to bring IT to the level of a strategic advantage.

Unsolicited Application

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