Our Added Value

Our Added Value



    We have years of experience, mainly in the automotive industry. We draw on creativity and innovative solutions to effectively address complex design and overall performance needs.

Bi-injection 2K

From the simplest to the most complex, we have developed our know-how to achieve optimum results. Transfer by robot hand or on 2 presses, rotary. To select the best process; we validate wall and joint thickness variation; we assess the risks of the no gap condition; we analyze contortions and flow; we simulate 3D scan parts in their environment...

  • Overmolding


    To avoid a secondary step in the manufacturing process, it is worth assessing the feasibility of integrating overmolding in a single step during production. Chrome, filter, metal, aluminum...

  • Family Mold

    Family Mold

    Family mold offers an increase in productivity through automation and a minimizes risk and investment.

  • Automated Processes

    Automated Processes

    Our modular, interconnected robotic cells increase precision and operational efficiency.

  • Inspection

    We use 100% automated inspection systems with high-resolution collaborative 3D cameras for unrivaled quality control.

  • Component Installation

    Interconnected robot cells to meet the most demanding requirements of the automotive market.

  • Application

    Repeatability and precision make automation the first choice for paint or tape application.

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