Optimize the operational efficiency

of your production cells

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Scalable Agile Solutions

Our unique concept, adapted for the automotive industry, will optimize your overall working cell performance. Interconnectivity between our multi-purpose modular robotic cells will allow you flexibility, by converting a single production isle into a zero-defect multi-step process.

You are looking for

Better investment in productivity

High precision

Flexibility & interconnectivity

Autonomy & Collaboration

Floor space reduction

Constant high quality

Better leverage of your key people

Here is our offering


Diagnostic and scoping

  • Design of tailored solutions
  • Elaboration of a business case
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Selection of application, technologies and Robot Smart Kit

  • Astro-33
  • Comet-33/44
  • Eclipse-53
  • Satellite-55/66


A practical expertise for different applications

Flock & Tape application

On tri-dimensional part by heat bonding- Patented

Top Notch | Notching

Ultrasonic & Punch cutting for PP & TPV extrusion.


Laser triming flash.

Encapsulated glass management

Using SelF-it technology in mold allows process automatization.


Precise and constant application of primer.

Inspection & Sorting

Vision system camera inspects & detects short shot, diameter, positioning, quality, component presence...

Component installation

Clips, Inserts...


Design and Manufacturing robotic cell

Tailored to your specific needs, our multidisciplinary team delivers turnkey solutions or ”a la carte” services


Implementation and training

Quick and functional delivery
  • 1 week of training for your autonomy
  • On-going Monitoring for performance

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